SCI-FI Novels



Set in the early 28th Century, humanity has aggressively expanded across the stars, having developed faster-than-light propulsion. During this time, no other intelligent life has been found, except in old ruins on long dead worlds. All this changes when a deep-space probe picks up an anomaly. After opening a tear through space, a single ship of unknown origin emerges. Beaten and without power, the ship appears to have been through an intense battle, but where did it come from? What was it fighting?

Given enough time, Dr Catherine Tait can translate any language. A genius in her own right, her skills are put to the test, when the military come knocking at her door with a proposal she cannot refuse. After gaining entry to the damaged alien ship, Catherine finds a set of coordinates that lies far beyond the edge of our galaxy, where only darkness waits. After many months of waiting, she finally receives the news she’s been craving.

They’re sending an expedition!



Coming soon…. wip

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