Echoes in Silence (Book 1)


It starts with fear, but ends in blood. Like most young boys, tending sheep holds no interest to Tanor, who can think of nothing but escape and adventure. When a farmer goes missing on the southern border, close to the daemon infested fog that surrounds their town, Tanor drags his reluctant friends to join the Watch. Volunteered to seek aid from the neighboring town of Ebon, Tanor and his friends are horrified to find it deserted. Facing the disturbing truth of what could befall their home, they quickly return, only to discover daemons have breached their borders.

Praying it’s not too late, a plan to evacuate is put into action. As the fog rolls in, sword in hand, Tanor can think of little else but the vengeful rage that grips his heart.  

Dark Fantasy: Stephen King’s The Fog, M.Night Shyamalan’s The Village,

and Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series

HeartStone (Book 2)

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