Graphic Novels


Published through Markosia (thanks to the amazing support of Kickstarter Backers) . Flight BA432 arrives into Heathrow airspace. Despite all attempts at communication failing, the airliner is allowed to land, much to the horror of everyone involved. As liaison officer between the British government and the ECDC, Doctor Richard Marron is contacted. His team, together with Jessica Holmes from the Epidemic Intelligence and Response, cautiously gain entry to the aircraft. What they find is horrifying. Just what happened on-board Flight BA432?

Volume 1

Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
Volume #1


(Script Only: Querying) While still grieving over the death of his wife, Detective Sutton investigates two horrific murders. No one could have predicted what would follow. But as a third victim is investigated, a startling discovery is found that has far reaching consequences.

Supernatural Action/Horror: Sandman, Hellblazer


(*Chapter 2 Launching Soon on Kickstarter*) Receiving a summons he cannot refuse, Lord Nobu visits his dying brother, knowing he will become head of the Ishida Clan with his passing. Honor. Duty. Samurai. Nakaaki leaves his wife and daughter to accompany his master, but the day lord Nobu’s brother dies, they are betrayed.

Samurai Horror: Seven Samurai

Chapter #1
Chapter #2

Kickstarter LINK


(Script Only: Querying) Arriving at the Anderson’s farm, Sheriff Rees is horrified at what he finds. The only witness is a young boy, but who is he? And, why was he at the farm? Unable to believe one of his oldest friends could have killed his whole family, his investigation unearths truths that reach as far as the halls of the Vatican itself, and its practiced rites of exorcisms.

Supernatural Horror: Exorcism of Molly Hartley, Haunting in Connecticut



(Script Only: Querying) After decades of war a truce between elves and humanity rests on the edge of a knife, though individuals on both sides plot and scheme to return to fighting, and cement their own positions of power. A young human prince strives to step out from behind his father’s shadow, and a young elf must cast aside all she knows to become a magai and future queen she’s destined to become. They discover passion, honor, and love, whilst struggling to cope with the ever present danger of war.

Sci-Fi / Fantasy: Gate, Sword Art Online, Ghost in the Shell, Lord of the Rings

Civilisation Lost: World Map


(Script Only: Querying) Like an unstoppable wave of flesh and steel, humans invaded Edreon. After years of bloodshed and enslavement, hope seems all but lost, as if held by a string about to snap. Desperation leads Dai and the people of Edreon to open a portal. From the portal, a small harmless black pebble hits the ground. Daark. But looks are quite often deceiving. Emerging into a new world full of corruption and suffering, Daark begins her journey to rekindle hope across the land. It will not be easy, but Daark is more than up for the challenge. She is The Darkness.

Dark Fantasy: Goblin Slayer, Rising of the Shield Hero

Dark Born: World Map


(Script Only: Querying) Okura thought losing his wife was painful, but it pales compared to losing his daughter. Forced to watch her fade away in his arms, his world is torn apart and flipped upside down. When asked to save a world full of magic, he will, but only if they return his daughter. Princess Ceves knows humanity has lost its way. Greed and corruption have grown and with it suffering. An unspeakable evil waits at the edge. They need a savior, but when she calls one forth her plan shatters. How can she ask for this man’s help, when she killed his daughter?

Dark Fantasy: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Rising of the Shield Hero

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