As promised, here is the world map for my ongoing manga series Civilisation Lost, which I’m hoping to publish in the very near future.

After decades of war, a truce between elves and humans rests on the edge of a knife. A young human prince and an elven magai could be the key to salvation, yet they could also bring further suffering by rekindling another bloody war.

what secrets lie within the desert sands…

Blood & Fire – A Samurai Tale

Please take a moment to hit that “notify me” button for my next project: Blood & Fire on Kickstarter. Published through Red 5 Comics, we’re hoping to launch end of October, or into November.

Chapter 1 in a 3 part samurai tale of revenge. “When his lord is betrayed, Nakaaki will kill all who stands between him and his family. Rivers will run red.”

Check out the cover and page 2 below, kicks-ass!

Cover & Page 2

Blood & Fire

Page 2 of my next Kickstarter project: BLOOD & FIRE: a samurai tale of revenge, with some horror elements. It’s a trilogy, chapter 1 is 27 pages of kick-ass sword wielding action. Cannot wait to get it launched. Hoping October/November once more pages are done, and a few variant covers.

16th Century Japan. The country is in chaos, ruled by warlords who are constantly fighting for territory and power.

NAKAAKI serves his lord and master – ASHITAKA NOBUTAKA– with loyalty and honor. When a messenger arrives, summoning Nobu to visit his dying brother, Nakaaki leaves his loving wife and daughter to accompany his lord. But arriving at Lord Ashitaka’s castle, they are betrayed.

Rivers will run red with the blood of his foes.

Civilisation Lost: Issue #6 Script

One of the many projects I’m working on. CIVILISATION LOST, is an on-going manga (think Lord of the Rings meets Ghost in the Shell), for all you wonderful geeks out there. Working on Issue 6’s script, of 12 for the first season (yes, this is gonna a big one! lol).

Will be working on the world map soon, maybe over the weekend, so watch this space!